Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mighty Garage Doors and Twitter.

We have been implementing Twitter the last few months now. For those who don't know about Twitter, please let me explain. Twitter has been enjoying the fruits of a blossoming internet for some time now. Twitter has been brought on by people who develop "life" applications. Life applications meaning "an everyday use by a tech savvy audience on how to become apart of instant news". Twitter wants to be the pulse of the internet just as we want to be the pulse of the garage door industry. Mighty Garage Doors is now excited to let all of our partners know we are now on Twitter's network!

We have worked closely with Twitter to bring on the most tech savvy and Knowledgeable garage door business on Twitter today. Mighty Garage Doors has been apart of the San Diego landscape for sometime now. In those years we have become one of the most predominant garage door service providers in San Diego. In partnering with Twitter we add just another one of many communication channels to service our many friends and clients.

Adam W.
Mighty Garage Doors

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